About Us

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Metinco has been founded in 2019 and we specialise on effective Monitoring and Measuring solutions. Currently our focus is on measuring and monitoring the properties of the subsurface and all structures in and on it, however we are more than eager to look beyond this field of application.

We are convinced that new technology and smart use of existing technology will help to better understand the world around us and to create a safer and more sustainable world. Knowing what is  actually happening is the key to increase our understanding and a first step to find solutions and answers to the challenges at hand. Real-time observations and in situ measurements are essential to really know what is happening at the relevant scale.

We love technology but we realise that technology will often only be part of a solution. So the primary goal is to find solutions with our clients and partners and determine which technology and observations are required. Understanding the questions at hand is always the first step. Translating these to the processes which we need to understand and the critical (measurable) parameters which determine these processes is the next step. Only after these steps have been taken, one can start thinking about measuring and monitoring. We see technology as part of a solution and not as a goal on its own.

A bit of History

We are a new company but this does not imply that we are not experienced. In the past we worked at major research institutes as TNO and Deltares (both based in The Netherlands) and have gained lots of experience in complex multidisciplinary projects around the world. In these projects we used to provide expertise on measuring and monitoring, data assimilation and integration. Our motivation to develop and apply operational solutions have inspired us to start our own company moving from applied research towards  providing operational solutions.

When you work with us you automatically tap into with our wide network of experts and companies around the world. And of course we can also tap from the expertise present at the institutes we used to work for and still work with. We can help you find the correct expertise and provide custom solutions.